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全国代理 SPRO Agency service

全国溢油应急防污染 SPRO Service


1. 与全国的经海事部门认可的污染清除单位签署代理协议

2. 与污染清除单位争取优惠价格

3.  根据达成的价格对溢油应急待命费等进行费用结算

4.  根据船东的指示,对溢油应急协议进行更新或延期

To make it more easier and convienient for owners to cope with this matter, our company has established the national SPRO agency service network covering all Chinese ports in the form of cooperative agreements reached with cleanup companies of Level 1 certification, capitalizing on its cooperative advantages for ship operators and cleanup companies, and provide superior services for pollutant response contract signing between ship operators (including ship owners) and domestic pollution cleanup companies.

1. Act as agent to sign the oil spill response agreement with MSA approved SPROs (Ship Pollution Response Organization) in the wording of IG sample agreement;
2. Negotiate with the Approved SPRO for the best fee rates;
3. Handle payment of retainer fee at the agreed rates to the SPRO;
4. Handle renewal, extension or termination of the agreement under your instructions. 

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Pearl River Ship Service

业务邮箱/business E-mail: ops@pearlrivership.com

油污水热线/Sludge Disposal: 0086 0755 2685 2933

海上溢油应急邮箱/OSRO Email: osro@pearlrivership.com

海上溢油应急热线(深圳)/24Hrs Oil Spill Response Emergency Line (Shenzhen): 0086 0755 8611 1962

海上溢油应急热线(广州)/24Hrs Oil Spill Response Emergency Line (Guangzhou): 0086 020 2622 4298

海上溢油应急热线(惠州)/24Hrs Oil Spill Response Emergency Line (Huizhou): 0086 0752 5533 870

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