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污油水 Sludge disposal (all Chinese ports)

船舶污油水接收 / Sludge disposal


We are authorized and accredited by competent authorities including the MSA, the Bureau of Transportation and the State Administration of Quality Supervision, China Inspection and Quarantine department. We have many clean-up barges capacity range 300 to1000 tons, equipped with various types of hoses and pumps, cooperated with high-quality companies all around China ports. Service standing by 24hrs round the clock.

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Pearl River Ship Service

业务邮箱/business E-mail: ops@pearlrivership.com

油污水热线/Sludge Disposal: 0086 0755 2685 2933

海上溢油应急热线(深圳)/24Hrs Oil Spill Response Emergency Line (Shenzhen): 0086 0755 8611 1962

海上溢油应急热线(广州)/24Hrs Oil Spill Response Emergency Line (Guangzhou): 0086 020 2622 4298

海上溢油应急热线(惠州)/24Hrs Oil Spill Response Emergency Line (Huizhou): 0086 0752 5533 870

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